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LIULI I Disney Mickey Mouse Collection (TW special)

LIULI I Disney Mickey Mouse Collection


Exclusive Release in Taiwan
Limited Quantity: 100 Sets
Selling Price: 100,000 Taiwanese Dollars (TWD)
Only Sold as Sets, No Individual Items Available
In celebration of Disney's centennial in 2023, LIULI, with official authorization from Disney, has released the "Your Forever Friend" collection, a set of five radiant Mickey Mouse creations. Through LIULI's unique artistry, luminescent glass captures the magic of hope. Envision Mickey, gleaming in motifs of The Ocean (Adventure), Starlight (Humorous and Optimistic), The Seasons (Circle of Life), The Sun (Brave), and The Earth (Sincerity) - a symphony of love, care, dreams, and miracles.

LIULI's Disney Mickey Mouse series, designed by Loretta H. Yang (Founder of LIULI), draws inspiration from Disney's Vinylmation, a term merging 'Vinyl' and 'Animation.' The collection features vinyl figurines with Mickey Mouse's silhouette infused with diverse designs, colors, and patterns, showcasing the creative energy of different artists. The bubbles on Mickey are naturally formed during the lost wax casting process. With these bubbles, people sense a depth reminiscent of Earth – breathing, alive.


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