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Artist Loretta Yang featured in 2015 Chase Bank Mastery Campaign

In May 2015, the country’s largest financial institution, Chase Bank, unveiled its “Mastery” campaign—an acknowledgement of remarkable individual achievements.  The campaign garnered warm global reception, especially for Asia’s leading liuli artist Loretta H. Yang.

For the campaign, Chase invited five masters of their craft to represent the bank as global ambassadors.  Of these there were:  Tennis legend Serena Williams, fencing champion Tim Morehouse and our very own liuli master artist Loretta H. Yang.

Together with Yang and Chang-Yi, a handful of experts were selected to shoot 15, 30, and 90-second commercials in which an entire office building was rented out and reconstructed in the likeness of the artist’s studio.  Of these people were two-time Cannes Lions Awards-winning director Mario Zozin, photography director Keon Low and international photographer Sam Tsao.

In the beginning of the Chase campaign, Yang humbly noted she was not altogether comfortable with the term “master”—a reflection of the deeply Chinese value of humility.

Yet, we are very proud to say that Yang’s well-deserved title and achievements with LIULI have now taken the heritage and culture of Chinese liuli art to even greater heights.  In the international arena, we continue to create art for the good of the heart—that is, for all hearts around the world to appreciate and absorb.


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