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Shipping Inquiries: (+65) 6735-9271  |

Allow between two (2) to five (5) business days between the date of your order and your date of delivery. 

Local Delivery

Local delivery is complimentary one trip with purchases over SGD1000. $30 delivery fee per trip applied for purchase below SGD1000.

Delivery will normally be made between 11:00am to 5:00pm on Mondays to Fridays (excluding public holidays).

No delivery services shall be available on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, and delivery will be delayed or cancelled when the irresistible natural disaster on the scheduled delivery date or the day before.

Additional Charges:

For buildings without lift or for product that can only access through staircases, there will be additional delivery charge of SGD $150 per floor, up to 10 floors.


Please contact us before placing international orders, our dedicated team will assist you. We will provide an estimate quotation within 3 working days upon request. Kindly note that our international shipping quotes do not include foreign insurance, customs taxes, or duties.


Each country has its own unique policies and regulations governing international shipments. Consequently, the expenses associated with shipping, including customs duties, taxes, and fees, will differ from one destination to another. Moreover, some countries may impose luxury taxes on certain shipments, making it challenging to estimate these costs upfront. 


Some countries' customs authorities may also require the submission of the recipient's local identification and other relevant documentation as part of the customs clearance process. This can potentially lead to extended processing times and additional expenses, which the customer is responsible for covering.

We will make every effort to assist customers in providing all the necessary customs documents.
Refunds for orders that are returned due to customs clearance issues will only be granted if the art pieces are in good condition. Refunds will be subject to a processing fee.