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Year of the Rooster: Awaken the First Ray of Sunlight

Year of the Rooster | Chinese Zodiac Artwork

Official Introduction:

Awaken the First Ray of Sunlight  |  喚醒第一道陽光

Illuminating the darkness in this zodiac artwork series is the long-revered rooster of Far East culture.  As a indispensible agricultural asset, this animal heralds the dawn and almost literally “awakens the first ray of sunlight,” so that life may continue to prosper.  The series draws from cultural knowledge as far back as the Shang Dynasty and alludes to artworks and aesthetics buried deep within history.  In some accounts, the animal depicted here is likened to the Phoenix in its sacredness.  Each individual art piece in this series is handcrafted with immense precision and detail, showcasing both expert craftsmanship as well as depth of cultural history.