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A Thread of Light: Colin Reid and Three Generations of British Kiln-Glass Artists

Exhibition Grand Opening in LIULI Museum in Taipei

For thirty-three years, LIULI has maintained the importance of introducing global perspective of glass art to Asia. We have done so through exhibitions and appearances by the artists themselves. We believe in cultural exchange. We believe that for others to understand us, we must take the time to understand them as well.

Today, Colin Reid, who was a student of Keith Cummings and is an artist with a realized vision whose work has influenced upcoming generations of glass artists, brings to Taiwan an esteemed group of UK’s top glass artists with a body of work that can be found in the collection of 70 renowned museums worldwide. We are grateful to have a first-hand conversation with artists across 3 generations: Keith Cummings, Colin Reid, Joseph Harrington, Karen Browning, Fiaz Elson, Angela Jarman, Bruno Romanelli, Richard Jackson and Sally Fawkes, and exchange our thoughts as contemporary glass artists.

Colin Reid shared on the exhibition press conference, “Making a career as an artist is a difficult path in life. How to balance the often conflicting demands of surviving financially and staying true to your artistic integrity and vision is challenging. What Loretta and Mr Chang have built with Liuli Glass is an extraordinary achievement in addressing those issues. The model of building a network of galleries in Asia and the USA, together with studios and museums in Taipei and Shanghai, allows Loretta to pursue her own creative work and provides a platform for international exhibitions such as this one. It’s not a model I have seen anywhere else in the world. I am deeply impressed.”

Co-curator Andrew Brewerton also commented, “This exhibition has a very special kind of intimacy as well as historic significance. Nine artists, three generations. A single luminous, vitreous medium developed successively across a rich diversity of creative practice. Glass history, and the international studio glass movement, in the making.”


Exhibition Info:

LIULI Museum Taipei:
No.133, Guang-Fu S. Rd., Xin-Yi Dist., Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C

Exhibit Period:
Sep 8, 2019 -- Mar 8, 2020

Official Exhibition Website:
“A Thread of Light”

Exhibition Photo Gallery:



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