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About The Year of the Ox 2021

Find prosperity this 2021 in the year of the metal ox, which commenced Feb. 12 and ends on Jan. 31, 2022.

Watchful and loyal to the people of earth particularly farmers and agriculturalists, the ox’s playful demeanor symbolizes unalloyed loyalty and faithfulness, always ready to tend to the land and lend his labor to plow the fields, ensuring spring bursts forth bringing with it a bountiful harvest.

Like the ox, a steady heart and mind pull forward and move ahead, achieving great things. With darling, docile and doe-like eyes, the ox appears sweet and disarming. However, they do possess horns, which can be used for their own defense or as a display or assertion of their bold authority and power. In the fables of Ancient China, the ox is fearless, selfless, and even self-sacrificing, at times.

Those born in a year of the ox are considered patient, orderly, kind, diligent, virtuous, stubborn, and truehearted.

Years of the ox include … 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021...

In Chinese culture including the Zodiac, there is an idea or belief of the five phases or wǔxíng or Wu Xing which correlate with the elements wood, water, fire, earth, and metal. The year of the ox 2021 is a metal year and corresponds with the virtue of righteousness. It also symbolizes tenacity and plowing onward.

The story of the Jade Emperor and the ox

In Chinese mythology, the Jade Emperor reigns over heaven. In a fable told of the Jade Emperor and the ox, the ox communicated messages between our world and the palace of the Emperor in heaven, and was sent by the Jade Emperor to help the farmers who protested that the land was dry and desiccated, making it difficult to cultivate a harvest. The Jade Emperor dispatched the ox to resolve this, who was supposed to plant grass seeds but planted too many, creating weeds that continued to make it hard for farmers.

The Jade Emperor sent the ox to live on earth to help its people plow and loosen the dirt as retribution for this. Since, he has been an invaluable part of farm life and a friend, providing tireless support to mankind.

The ox and his order in the Chinese Zodiac

The ox is the second of the animals in the Chinese Zodiac. In the story of “The Great Race,” which tells how the animals received their order in the Chinese Zodiac, the rat uses the ox to get across a river because it is unable to swim. At the end of the race, the rat finishes first leaving the obliging ox in second place. Because of the ox’s willingness to help the rat and a desire and determination to come first, many hold a special place in their heart for this easy-to-love and cherished representation of altruism.

Celebrating the joyful, playful, and steadfast ox in the year 2021

Handcrafted pieces at LIULI Crystal Art embody the jubilant dance of the ox, reflecting the light moving through a space or room like the ever-fluctuating yet continual cascades of a waterfall.

Capture and celebrate the year of the ox 2021 with an incredibly unique and beautiful to behold figurine that expresses various characteristics of the ox, including his boldness and at times, adorableness.

Feel the exhilarating push of progress toward the horizon ahead with the year of the ox 2021.




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