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Collection: A Peaceful Existence

Collection: A Peaceful Existence

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A Peaceful Existence  |  好花昌平世

Peaceful Existence – Insight and Retrospect on Three Decades of Flowers

Thirty-two years of cultivating the inner heart has brought us here. Titled “A Peaceful Existence,” the ten-piece floral and vase collection tie in centuries of Far East wisdom with the meditative state of being that a lifetime of contemplating crystal and life could bring. Wisdom is gained from studying the underlying principles of things. This is a key concept in Confucianism. Each bloom with an introspective study into art and life philosophies. In Chinese symbolism, the vase stands for peace, tranquility and fullness; it is a vessel containing all that is good. This collection presents an approach to life through a new eastern aesthetic. Flowers are in essence auspicious and good. Each flower is a microcosm in itself. A cluster of flowers is a selfless offering of beauty - one of the greatest sights in the world. To exist in harmony one must let go of the self and practice inclusivity. It is the exact introspection we need in this chaotic and depleted world.

A Peaceful Existence is a showcase for a breakthrough in sculptural technique and color placement. Primarily using the twice-fired and advanced powder color placement techniques. Twice-fired means after the body of a vase is complete, flowers colored through powdered pigments are then joined to the vase using heat. To join two finished parts under high heat, both parts must be of equal temperature. Only with experience can the artist gauge the temperature and join the two parts successfully When applying color to flowers, even the smallest detail is laborious. From the individual stamen, the ombre petals and blush core, creating each detail realistically poses a technical challenge and reflects the artist’s observations in life.

With “Peaceful Existence,” we continue to raise the international bar in crystal craft. Using a lifetime of perfecting laborious techniques such as twice-firing and powdered color placement, we can reach right into the bottom of the heart to invoke feelings of peace, fearlessness, and faith. Feelings echoed by the spirit of the flowers she crafts. Feelings we see in ourselves, and in the spectacular world around us. Look inside, and discover the beauty that you’ll find.