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Incense: A Happy Excursion

Official Introduction:

A Happy Excursion I  |  逍遙遊 I

A Happy Excursion II  |  逍遙游 II

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A Happy Excursion - Clarity
Man does not look into running water as a mirror, but into still water. It is only the still water that can give pause and keep one in the contemplation of one’s real self. -Inner Chapters: The Seal of Virtue Complete Tranquility of mind and body, clarity of heart, what will come will come, let go of the past; like the stillness of water.

The five scents of Happy Excursion address the various states of living and is comprised of the Kunpeng, Cloud Dragon, Frolicking Fish, Suddenly and No Name.

The concept of clarity comes from the Buddhist sutra: “body as liuli, clear from the inside out”. And like the clarity of the water surrounding Nha Trang, it is pure, taking your heart back to its original intent, a place of simplicity and joy.