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Interior Design

We merge creative design and intricate techniques to form artistic interiors that adapt to any scale and style. Through a comprehensive handmade 12-step pâte de verre process, each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind LIULI LIVING aesthetic.

Made-to-Order Interior Design

Whether the interior style is contemporary, mid-century, country, glam, beach, rustic or traditional, a piece of floral art anchors the sense of elegance and brightness.

Custom Made to Order Crystal Artwork

Made-to-Order Interior Design

Each space and project is unique in its own. LIULI creative team works with artist Loretta H. Yang to tailor each design.

Custom Made to Order Crystal Artwork

Garden & Landscape Design

Accenting the exterior of your home with natural elements, in addition to flora and fauna to privacy trees, stonework, and water features, add a piece of liuli crystal to elevate the look. Find inner peace when strolling down a zen garden.

Custom Guarden Landscape| Liuli Crystal Art

The sky's the limit. We’d love to create a unique Liuli crystal piece that speaks for our heart and soul. Please contact us for more details at
+65 6735 9271, or email to

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