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Spring Garden Show 2018

At Home and At Zen

Garden of Zen

We have always believed that good art can elevate your state of consciousness—that it can elevate your mind and awaken the soul.  Art should naturally be beautiful; but only as beautiful as the inner peace in you that it reflects.

The 29th annual Orange County garden show opened today.  Having prepared months for the theme—“mind, body, and soil”—we invited our studio artists to design a space for the exhibit that is as much outwardly radiant and beautiful as it is introspective and meditative.

Bursting peonies at your feet lead in a clean and undisturbed path to a simple yet elegantly framed cabana.  This is the central focus of our exhibit.  And in the spotlight, the all-healing LIULI blue medicine Buddha.

Enjoying tea in the thick of a lush garden decorated with lotus flowers is one thing.  Doing so while meditating under the warm glow of radiant liuli glass is another.  One might emerge from this state of trance wondering if they’ve truly taken a visit to an artisan-crafted garden… or merely stepped foot into the sanctuary of their own heart.

LIULI’s “Garden of Zen” was exhibited there on April 26th through 29th, 2018

Spring Garden Show 2018
Garden Show at South Coast Plaza Mall

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