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2022 Year of the Tiger - Collector's Guide

As the sun sets in January, the moon will rise for the Year of the Tiger. In consideration of the year ahead, looking inward and outward, there is so much rich symbolism from the tiger to highlight and to celebrate. Design elements of the art you choose convey both thoughtfulness and meaning. To accomplish that, seek out gifts with these qualities:

1.Unique and Handmade: A handmade gift has a more personal touch and additional meaning than a print or mass-produced item.

2.Lasting: Museum-grade quality ensures the gift is not only appreciated now but can be passed down through the generations.

3.Aesthetic: Realism in the design aesthetic gives an opportunity for minute and impactful details. (Think bristles of raised fur.) The intricate beauty also helps convey the majesty and splendor of the actual tiger. This underscores how imperative it is to come together to save this species.

4.Use of Cultural DetailsLunar New Year is a deeply meaningful time. Design elements within the piece should reflect that. For example, look for small touches like ruyi, a Chinese symbol depicting hope and auspiciousness, or even overarching philosophy in the design, such as the interplay of light and shadow or the use of rock, land, or mountains as a base to symbolize ambition or ascent.

Overview of the Chinese Zodiac: The 2022 Year of the Tiger

2022 is the Year of the Tiger. It’s a Water Tiger year. The Year of the Tiger will span from February 1, 2022, to January 21, 2023. The Chinese zodiac is based upon the lunar calendar. It's a 60-Year zodiac cycle. Every Lunar New Year has an animal (and its unique character traits) associated with it. Twelve animals make up the Chinese Zodiac: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig. 

These rotate on a twelve-year cycle. For example, this year (2022) is the Year of the Tiger, as was 2010, 1998, 1986, and so on. Beyond the twelve animals, the Chinese astrological system also identifies five elements. Each element is said to correspond with a motivating life force. 

1.Fire: Inspired by excitement

2.Earth: Motivated by security and “solid foundations”

3.Metal: Driven to create order

4.Water: Motivated by the formation of emotional bonds

5.Wood: Driven by the want to explore

        With the twelve animals and the five elements, a full cycle of the Chinese zodiac is sixty years. Whether you are commemorating the year with a tribute for your own home or gifting the majesty of the tiger to a loved one, here is our collectors’ guide for the lunar Year of the Tiger.

        LIULI’s Year of Tiger Collection

        In many Asian countries, the tiger stands as a symbol of might and power. Pulling from the characteristics of the real-world creature, the Tiger zodiac sign is most often associated with all of the following: strength, courage, vigor, intensity, bravery, ambition, confidence and determination, charisma, generosity, loyalty, independence, love of challenge and adventure, endless energy (especially at work). Tigers are believed to prize ambition over recreation, only allowing themselves enjoyment once goals are attained. They speak directly, boldly, and honestly.

        Graduations and Growth - "Ascent of the Visionary"

        Just as cubs go through important rites of passage as they learn to hunt, to prowl, and to develop independence, our human offspring also graduate in meaningful ways to broader, bigger stages of life, where they are continually presented with exciting new opportunities. The tokens and gifts we use to commemorate the passage into these new stages honor both where they’ve been and where they are going. Tiger gifts solidify the memories made along the way and serve as talismans that can last a lifetime.

        Through the Clearing - “Courageous Advance”

         Ambition. Courage. Strength. Charisma. These are just a few characteristics the tiger embodies. In many Asian countries to this day, the tiger stands as a symbol of might and power. Gifts emblazoned with the tiger are a meaningful way to ponder and to incorporate all the qualities of this year’s Chinese zodiac sign into your life or the life of a loved one.


        A Celebration of New Life - “Tiger Cub King”

        Momentous events open a world of opportunities, and the significance of these occasions can be enriched with the mark of the tiger. One such event is the addition of a new cub into the world. Tigers are a powerful symbol of hope, health, and prosperity, and they are a time-honored and appreciated gesture to celebrate any new birth.


        The Power of Love – “A Majestic Duo” & "Love Unbound"

        If you’ve ever witnessed—or been involved with—a strong-willed spouse or partner, you know some unions feel a bit like catching a tiger by the tail! Whether or not you’re the tiger (or if you both are), a tiger gift can memorialize and embody the strong, powerful, and affecting love archetype. You can also juxtapose the tiger with other elements to celebrate the lighter side of love, perhaps with a funny valentine.

        Professional Achievements - "Roaring into the Heavens"

        The tiger is a natural leader. When it roars into the wind, it’s an awe-inspiring moment. As any good leader, however, the tiger is not only an emblem of power. Rather, it represents the harmony between strength and benevolence. As you, a family member, or a friend make important professional strides, a tiger gift embodies and celebrates the best of that career ascension.


        Progress and Prosperity - "Eight Thousand Miles"

        Life is filled with progression, development, and movement. Whether it’s an achievement in the academic, professional, or personal world, what better way to pay tribute to a promotion than a gift featuring this figure of the noble leader?


        Magnificent Retirement - "Divine Tiger: Might"

        Honoring elders is a tradition as old as time. This includes acknowledging a professional retirement. Overcoming the challenges of a full career is no small feat. It is a journey of many accomplishments that require both determination and perseverance. It is an impressive, noteworthy milestone worth celebrating with a tiger gift—a token that honors the magnitude of the event.

        It is time to personalize your own path of the tiger. May your way be paved by the artistry and legacy this New Year should usher. Looking for the perfect gift this Chinese New Year? Learn more about the full 2022 Year of the Tiger collection now.



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