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The Power of Meditation - More Stillness, More Ease

In advance of Mother’s Day, LIULI presents Accompanied By Ease, a limited edition collector’s gift set, to encourage all mothers to take a few minutes for themselves and put their minds at ease as they take on the day. Limited to 250 sets worldwide, the set consists of a new portable edition liuli Guanyin and A Happy Excursion aged incense in a handcrafted dark paulownia wood case. This heartfelt gift is a blessing of tranquility and ease for all mothers this Mother’s Day 2023.

A Happy Excursion - limited and aged incense

The organic materials used in LIULI incense are aged for 5 years, producing a rich and mellow aroma when lit. Never desiccate, it embodies a rich stillness that comes from being at ease with itself. Incense can produce an atmosphere that stills the body and mind, creating a space for leisurely pursuits. Become one with nature, converse with all living things, and recognize heaven, earth and the universe as one.

The impetus behind A Happy Excursion was to bring attention to the world of contemporary Asian incense culture not through scarcity or ritual but through spiritual freedom and poetry. This spiritual state is achieved by adhering to traditional production methods and organic materials but mores, through the practice of a sincere and reverent heart.




Loretta H. Yang’s Guanyin - an Observation of Ease

In LIULI’s early days, Loretta experienced overwhelming pressure as she faced kilns full of unsuccessful attempts. In those moments, Loretta H. Yang, recipient of the Golden Horse Award for Best Lead Actress, felt nothing but frustration. It was also in those moments that she discovered sculpture and the peace it brought her. The act of sculpting is how she learned to quieten her heart and face life’s unrest.

This new edition Guanyin stands roughly the height of an adult hand (10cm). Designed to be portable, Yang wishes for Guanyin to stay at one’s side, bringing tranquility to the heart and soul. Yang’s liuli Buddhas combine Buddhist philosophy with artistic innovation. Each figure is the embodiment of compassion, an offering of comfort in our everyday lives.

Embark on a Spiritual Journey through A Happy Excursion

The beginning of the Heart Sutra encourages one to look within in times of conflict to quiet the heart and to achieve ease without hindrance. This value is shared among many ancient eastern philosophies. Eastern incense encourages tranquility and meditative practice. Permeating our innermost corners on streams of smoke, it can aid us in achieving wisdom through the maintenance of a positive state and to arrive at tranquility. May our hearts receive the comfort and strength of Guanyin. LIULI sincerely wishes for its creations to convey stable and tranquil energy. With fulfillment and ease, we hope for all mothers to receive positive joys through stillness.

*The white base and incense stand featured in the display are for aesthetic purposes only and will not be included as part of the art pieces.


The latest  "Accompanied By Ease" Guanyin and Incense Gift Set is now available in limited quantities. For more information about our art pieces, please visit our LIULI Art Gallery for an on-site appreciation or What'sApp: +65 9787 6858  Click to get started us for personalized and prompt assistance.




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