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The Power of Golden Vitality (Elephant collections)

Official Introduction:
English Version: Elephants of Fortune and Peace
Chinese Version: Golden Life Power

About family: The gregarious elephants have a strong sense of family. Female elephants decide the action routes, feeding places and habitats etc. Male elephants are guardians responsible for family security.
About unity: The gregarious elephants will fight against threats together when needed.
About love: Elephants in oestrus need mutual affection to mate and this is a rare case in animals.
About vitality: The new born baby elephant leans against the mother’s leg, tries to stand still and makes its first step. When the baby elephant got lost and was attacked by lions, the strength came out of nowhere and the baby escaped miraculously.

Symbolic meaning of elephant:
Reliability, Dignity, Power, Royalty, Pride, Happiness, Longevity, Good Luck.

Elephants are longevous and often seen as an auspicious animal. It’s also a metaphor of good sign. A folk saying of “Ji-Xiang” (meaning auspicious elephant) has an assonance for auspice, which means peace and wish fulfillment.

For twenty years, artist Loretta Yang's liuli sculptures have always filled with her unique charisma which many friends cannot spell out a reason why. However, when you observe silently, a quiet sense of touching just comes from your inner heart. The golden elephant series is a good example. Each elephant is filled with vibrant life stories. How would she capable of creating such captivating sculptures for the past twenty years? The answer drawn on her achievement in film arts and Liuli creation is consecutive and accumulated. Over 30 years, her core motivation is love. Best Actress of Gold Horse Awards, Loretta Yang, is continuing to shine through her elephants.



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