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Collection: Flowers of the Earth

Official Introduction:

Flowers on the Earth  |  沒有土地哪有花

In this departure from the lavish and bold flower glass pieces that LIULI craftsmen typically opt for, focus leans toward the terrestrial and earthen.  Naturally, many glass flower pieces tend to emphasize on the fertile richness of a flower’s form—filling scenery and landscapes with an abundance of colors and hues.  Inspired by the collection’s titular “Earth” theme, artists instead pay tribute to the environment and earth on which their subjects thrive.  The result of this interpretation is a marriage of objective and subjective beauty that creates unique and interesting shapes that, in turn, inspire further beauty and imagination.  From the pure and untainted elegance of “Taiwan Lily,” to the cool and serene “Butterfly Orchid,” this collection offers a view of natural beauty in a way that many other artisans and studios do not offer.

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