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LIULI Crystal Goldfish Bowl, Peony Chopsticks Set, The Joy of Fish


Design Description:

Six goldfish swim through the water in carefree harmony, their tails fanning out like gauze against blooming begonia. The motif derives from a traditional proverb “Jin Yu Man Tang”, meaning abundance both in wealth and knowledge. Set of 2 tumblers and 2 pairs of “Blessed” chopsticks with peony motif and Liuli crystal bead, this beautiful set is ideal for a Valentine's day gift to celebrate special moments or a Chinese New Year family time at home.

The Joy of Fish was inspired by a famous conversation between two Chinese philosophers Zhuangzi and Hui Shi. The “joy” Zhuangzi posits is more than the emotion, it is the ultimate joy born from ultimate beauty in life. it is heavenly joy. It is a boundless and carefree spiritual state; it emanates from within, it is constant, and it is absolute.

六尾悠游的金鱼,快乐自在,和睦美好,尾羽如纱裙展开,与盛开的海棠相唿应谐音“金玉满堂”,营造花舞鱼飞的瑰丽景象。此琉璃对杯及「箸福」牡丹图腾筷子的套装,琉璃敞口杯,用途广泛:饮用器皿或甜品甜汤容器, 果干,茶叶容器,适合年节赠礼与情人节赠礼。祝福新人,长辈,情人或朋友。


The Joy of Fish

Not being a fish,
perhaps you are unable to
fully comprehend its joy?
The joy embodied within a fish
spans heaven and earth,
carefree and unfettered,
majestic and grand.



Item No.:


Size (L×W×H):

Single Bowl: 9*9*5.5 cm


Bowl: Crystal Glass

Chopsticks: Crystal Glass (bead), Silver, and Polyvinyl Chloride

Use & Care:

For safety purposes, please do not contain liquid of food over 105°F. Wash crystal serveware with a mild dish detergent. Rinse with warm water and gently pat dry with a soft cloth.

Blessed Chopsticks are also available in 1 pair or 6-pair set. View More in LIULI Tableware


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