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Bone China Sake Cups - Seasonal Treasures-Autumn Chrysanthemum (Set of 2)


The Collection: Seasonal TreasuresBone China Gift Set 

The “four gentlemen” leitmotif in classical Chinese art represents the four seasons. The Peony, Bamboo, Chrysanthemum and Plum Blossom from spring to winter respectively. The quartet has been seen recurring through art since the Song Dynasty and is used to represent unique powers of each season. Inspired by the powers of flora, LIULI Living embody this artistic interpretation for an enriching lifestyle. Titled “Seasonal Treasures,” the collection brings art to drinking.

  • “Four Gentlemen” classical Chinese art theme
  • Individually Handmade
  • Pate de Verre casted colored crystal glass and authentic ox-bone china



In LIULIGONGFANG, A Drink To Virtue used the Eastern four gentlemen flowers - "plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum" as key design elements to be relevant with the concept of "four aggregates generate myriads of phenomena" from I-Ching/ the Book of Changes. It draws the seasonal flowers - "Spring orchid, Summer bamboo, Autumn chrysanthemum and Winter plum" as the main concept into the entire design.

Seasonal Treasures used four kinds of plants as a design theme to convey four seasons with four powers. These plants are "peony in Spring, bamboo in Summer, chrysanthemum in Autumn and plum in Winter" that represented respectively "influence, growth, self-control and vitality". They are the four kinds of wisdom and power, of the essence of the overall human life. 


琉璃工房 < 四季君子饮 > 取材自东方四君子花中的「梅、兰、竹、菊」为设计元素,对应《易经》中所提的「四象生万物」之理念,採四时之花「春兰,夏竹,秋菊,冬梅。」为主轴概念。< 珍喜四季 > 则以一年四个季节,四个力量,分别以以四种植物作为设计的主题,分别为「春牡丹、夏修竹、秋澹菊、冬绮梅」为设计元素,分别代表「影响力、成长力、自制力以及生命力」, 综观人生所需要的四种处世的智慧与力量。

Seasonal Treasures--Autumn Chrysanthemum

Four seasons,
Four forms of endearment,
Four carefree manifestations;
We do not need a reason to meet,
Invite happiness with a drink.




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Size (L×W×H):

6.4*6.4*3.7 cm each


Crystal Glass, Ox-Bone China


Pate de Verre


Come in a set of 2 pieces


Represents self-control | 自制力


* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.


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