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Crystal Butterfly and Gourd, Hulu, Verdant Layers of Fortune


The Collection: ENRICH

Design Concept:

The Enrich collection is inspired by a deep and profound love for nature.  It draws from classical Chinese roots of revering the land and all the riches it has to offer.  “Verdant Layers of Fortune,” shows that on a grander and more eye-opening scale than any other piece in the series.  A butterfly perches on the mountain peak of a melon, symbolizing the diversity of life.  The melon mimics mountain scenery, containing there all the elements of a Chinese landscape painting (from ink wash to mountain-and-water contrast).  “Verdant Layers” bestows luck on future generations, giving a blessing in the form of love and respect for a great and fertile land.

  • The phrase “gua die mian mian appears often in the Shijing (Classic of Poetry). It means inextinguishable, to flourish and prosper across generations. Whether gifting to coworkers, friends or elders, the message of this visually appealing design is unmistakable.
  • This design is sturdy, bold and rich as if containing the everlasting waters of life. The upper half shows the melon’s stem and vines, reaching and climbing, symbolizing the abundance of life and the nourishment bestowed upon us by the earth. Perched upon the highest point is a butterfly, symbolizing the diversity of life. As a whole, this piece represents nature’s ultimate treasure.
  • The flow of liuli streams and air bubbles within the bottle gourd give life to the sculpture; the gourd and vines are layered in various shades of green to give the design dimension. As a whole, the sculpture recalls elements of mountain and water from a landscape painting, elegant and fortuitous. The butterfly perched at the top of the gourd evokes the delicate style of Song painting.
  • The bottle gourd is often used a receptacle. It symbolizes fulfillment and fortune. Crisscrossed vines extend in verdant green, reaching out to future generations and bestowing luck.


  • 《诗经》中,数次出现过“瓜瓞绵绵”的讲述,表达生生不息的概念。整件作品青青出水,极具观赏性,又有万古长青,福泽后代的美好意境。无论是送与合作伙伴,还是亲朋长辈,都是很好的祝福。
  • 作品稳重、宽厚、饱满,仿佛承载无限的生命活水。上部瓜蒂藤蔓攀爬,是生命不断向上、繁衍,显示生命的无限盎然和大地滋养的能量。最高处,蝴蝶飞来,表现生命的多彩。作品,仿佛一处极尽能量的风水宝地
  • 琉纹与气泡,构成瓠瓜内里的源源不断的生机
  • 瓠瓜与藤蔓,以层次不同的绿色晕染开,上下整体结构合看,似乎写意的山水。而蝴蝶立于瓜蒂顶部,又令人联想到宋画工笔小品。整件作品意境雅致又兼具美好寓意瓠瓜能容,圆融饱满,纳福气满满;藤蔓交错,碧翠青青,绵延后代,子孙多福

Verdant Layers of Fortune

Layer upon layer of
mountainous fortune,
majestic peaks
in lush profusion.
Verdant jade,
accrual of magnanimity,
unbroken for all eternity.


重重 叠叠

Item No.:


Size (L×W×H):

10*7.5*20 cm


Crystal Glass


Pate de Verre

Limited Edition: 1,300 pieces (Worldwide)

* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

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