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LIULI Crystal Art, Phoenix, Splendor In The Nine Heavens


The Collection: The Heart Points To The Future

Design Description:

Two phoenixes sound off in pursuit of an ideal spiritual companion. Lofty in character, the phoenix soars suspended in mid-air. The phoenix is the messenger of light, it symbolizes love, harmony. As the bearer of luck, auspiciousness and fortuitous love, the image of the phoenix is widely used as a blessing for a fulfilling and harmonious marriage.

Within this rich and complex symbolism, the phoenix rises, in search of and creating an ideal world bursting with life and color. Of beauty, kindness, and rebirth, may the phoenix’s divine spirit and beautiful legend bless this world with unlimited auspiciousness and fortune.

Vivid details of two phoenixes’ wings and gaze were made possible because of pate de verre technique. Looking at each other in grace posture and gentle gaze, two phoenixes paint a vision of harmony. High polished base design sparks a modern, yet timeless moment of love.

双凤齐鸣,追求美好的精神伴侣,并肩寻追美好的境界,多彩多姿, 蓬勃向上。凤凰是爱情的象徵,凤凰是光明之使者,是人间祥瑞的象徵,带给人们无限的吉祥和幸福,用来祝贺婚姻美满和谐。脱蜡铸造技法对于两只凤凰动态的展现,表现得栩栩如生。两只凤凰专注凝视彼此,展现和谐的意象。刻纹如美好的爱情细水长流,作品底座高度抛光,搭配自然琉纹色彩,结合现代设计与经典东方凤凰的形象,勾勒一幅人间的理想境界。

Splendor In The Nine Heavens

Nine heavens, nine summits,
against the cloud filled skies.
Illuminated and opulent,
the phoenix sounds off.
In unison,
splendor in flight.



Item No.:


Size (L×W×H):

20*12.4*27.5 cm


Crystal Glass

Limited Edition:

998 (Worldwide)


Pate de Verre

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