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Crystal Treasure Vase, Feng Shui, Dragon of Metal Element, Ethereal Chime Baoping


The Collection: Emergence of the Dragon

Design Concept:

The most subtle expressions often take heavy pondering to discover. That is the intention of LIULI artists when casting the “Eternal Chime Baoping” (treasure vase). Using elaborately ornamental, yet extremely subtle motifs, the “metal element” dragon here is expressed in unlikely crests and swirls of waves. It dances gracefully, and moves swiftly without immediately revealing its elusive nature. Suspended mid-movement, it is difficult to discern whether it moves or not—but it remains dynamic all the while, true to its spirit as a “metal element” dragon. Rooted in Chinese classicism, this piece incorporates gold-leaf-adorned blowing techniques to complement its head. It is among the first collection of its kind to be introduced to the art world and remains unique in its style and crafting methods.

• 金龙,凌空飞舞,前程似锦。
• 神龙盘旋回绕,上下翻腾,龙首细致雕琢,身体以写意手法凝炼成翻滚的水浪,飞扬如舞。金依水生,故为金龙。
• 曼妙天音,姿态飘逸洒脱,祥和安宁,此系列中最为柔美的一款。天地和顺,万物繁荣兴盛。

Ethereal Chime Baoping

Suspended in dance,
Immeasurable divinity.
Across the skies, an ethereal chime,
A resonance for harmony across the land
And a beautiful greater good.


化天    妙音

Item No.:


Size (L×W×H):

26*22*29.2 cm


Crystal Glass


Pate de Verre

Limited Edition:

550 pieces (Worldwide)

* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

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