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Glass Tantra:the Art of Loretta H.Yang (Book)


Glass Tantra:the Art of Loretta H.Yang

Summary An acclaimed actor in 1970-80s Taiwan, Loretta H. Yang’s starring role in Jade Love made her a household name and earned her the Best Leading Actress awards at the Asia Pacific Film Festival and the Golden Horse Awards. Yang left the film industry at the height of her career in 1987 to established LIULIGONGFANG, Asia’s first glass art studio. Widely recognized as the founder of contemporary Chinese liuli art, her work has been exhibited around the world and acquired by internationally renowned museums including the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. The artist’s Glass Tantra is comprised of the critically acclaimed collections Dunhuang Series, Formless, But Not Without Form, The Lotus and the Wind and Proof of Awareness. Curated by the world’s top glass artists, the alluring photographs in this volume provide a first-hand glimpse into the exquisite world of liuli art while exclusive commentary from the artist touches on the cultural and philosophical implications of her work. This tome shines the light on an ancient craft and its moder-day allure. For the last twenty-six years, Asia’s premiere liuli artist Loretta H. Yang has devoted her life to liuli. Glass Tantra: the Art of Loretta H. Yang takes the reader through her journey as she explores the relationship between art, philosophy and Buddhism. A once forgotten craft resurrected, a spiritual awakening, insight into the formlessness of liuli. Glass Tantra highlights Loretta H. Yang’s significant body of work and its place in the global arena.

Format: Hardcover

Language: English, Chinese

Features: Illustrated, Dust Jacket

Topic: Glass, Exhibitions

Publication Year: 2012

Genre: Photography


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