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Crystal Buddha, Guanyin, Light Exists Because of Love-Champion of Flowers (Collector's Edition)


The Collection: Buddha Sculptures & Figurines  |  Light Exists Because of Love

Design Concept:

This 10.08 inches miniature Guanyin figurine portrays the Shueiyue, or Water Moon Guanyin, in bright LIULI glass. She is crowned with flowers, and wears an expression of kindness and mercy. The features of her face are smooth and lifelike. The level of detail achieved is admirable for this type of sculpture; it takes patience and skill to complete the process without inadvertently shattering the glass. This Crystal Buddha figurine is sitting with one knee upraised, right hand placed on the knee while the left forms a mudra. All of these details combine to form a harmonious and gentle piece of Buddha decor for contemplation and display.

Champion of Flowers (Artist's Edition)

This is the artist edition of the "Champion of Flowers" in 17.72"L x 17.72"D x 32.28"H inches, limited edition of 8 pieces, and it was discontinued. It's about 3 times the size of the collector's edition.

Champion of Flowers (Special Edition)

Wisdom is the champion,
Mercy is the fragrant flower,
The powers of the bloom
Makes for a world at peace.



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Size (L×W×H):

13.5*9.6*25.6 cm


Crystal Glass


Pate de Verre

Limited Edition

Unlimited Edition

* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly. 

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