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LIULI Crystal Art, Horse, Rising through Heaven and Earth


The Horse Collection: Dragon on the Heavenly Shore 骥马系列

Design Description:

Galloping as if in flight, these six fine horses move majestically, without hesitation. Raising wind and waves, through the maelstrom, one after one advances with courage and vision. This line of six magnificent horses galloping upwards through wind and waves, unhindered in the slightest, expresses the confidence and perseverance which overcome all obstacles while striving to achieve a lofty aspiration.

The six horses represent the six righteous forms of human conduct: an official’s loyalty to their country, a father’s benevolent treatment of his children, a child’s respect for their parents, an older brother’s affection for his younger brother, a younger brother’s respect for his older brother - this is how we as a people and society come together. These six principles are first laid out in the Zuo Zhuan (Commentary of Zuo), an ancient narrative history traditionally regarded as a commentary on the Spring and Autumn Annals, and correspond to the six principles of social harmony in Confucianism: justice, loyalty, compassion, filial piety, love, and respect.

There are two perspectives to appreciate the design. It could be a team, or an individual who is pursuing of excellence. This piece also can be seen as a horse galloping in slow motion, in all its power and glory. It also portrays a generational legacy one after another.

澎湃而上的生命之歌,群马的奔腾姿态,是飞扬的,壮美的,毫无迟疑的, 乘风跃水而起,激荡里一匹一匹马的的奋进不息。是一种向上腾跃的、没有停止的、更高还要更高、更辽阔的梦想与志气;以及一关又一关,突破艰难的冲劲、自信,与坚强的意志。

六匹马昂首向上, 六六大顺, 取自《左传》:“君义,臣行,父慈,子孝,兄爱,弟敬,此数者累谓六顺, 六种顺应, 是儒家思想中的和谐圆满的人生应对, 仁义,忠诚,慈祥,孝顺,友爱,尊敬。是人与与家人相处和睦,与社会中的人相处融洽,做到左右逢源,事事顺风顺水齐向上。

它是, 是一群人的团队,但也可以是一个成功的人,追求卓越的过程,或是,六匹马像是一个慢动作的连续画面。在这样的前进动力之后,展现了光耀灿烂的,一代一代的华美盛世。

Rising through Heaven and Earth

Leading each other,
united as one,
an inextinguishable force
heading only in one direction - up.
Through rivers, oceans and mountains,
commanding the water aboard the wind,
stirring the waves,
welcoming the dawn,
we ascend,
rising victorious through heaven and earth.



Item No.:



39*31*52 cm


Crystal Glass


Pate de Verre

Limited Edition:

200 Pieces Worldwide

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