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LIULI Crystal Art, Mythical Creature, Vermillion Bird - Illuminate


The Collection: The Heart Points To The Future

Design Description:

Vermillion Bird represents the element fire, color vermilion red, the southern direction, and summer. According to The Shan Hai Jing describes the phoenix as being born on Dan Mountain. Also called the Dan Phoenix. The phoenix also refers to one of exceptional talent and was born in a south-facing valley at the South Pole, and symbolizes talent and lofty aspirations. Vermillion Bird is said to bring prosperity, progeny, and peace. Vermilion red is also a celebratory color in traditional Asian culture for weddings and new business opening.

This piece is an ingenious juxtaposition of detail and sparseness, color and transparency, space and form. Vermillion Bird appears like the blazing sun, distant yet near, forever shining, representing our deepest wishes. The nature of glass transports the light, presents a space for imagination to spark.

Associated with the four quadrants of the vault of heaven are the Azure Dragon of the East, the Vermillion Bird of the South, the White Tiger of the West, and the Black Tortoise of the North; in the center is the Qilin (unicorn). Each region corresponds to one of the five elements: metal (west), wood (east), water (north), fire (south), and earth (center). Moving across the night sky, the stars connect all life to the five elements. When the universe and elements are aligned, harmony ensues.

朱雀, 五行属火, 代表南方的神兽,代表的颜色是红色,代表的季节是夏季。《山海经》云:『凤凰生于南极之丹穴』,丹穴是丹山、为朝阳之谷,凤凰生于丹山,故名丹凤,因此为丹凤朝阳,喻为高而志远,也可以比喻高才逢良时。见到牠大吉大利、地方安宁、子孙盛昌,而朱既是朱红色、方位对应南方,代表喜庆吉利。

这件作品设计完整的把丹凤朝阳的寓意具体形象化, 繁及简之间在雕塑里的平衡非常巧妙的表逹, 凤凰的华丽, 红如火, 在透明里又呈现空间辽濶之感, 大大的圆, 空的太阳, 在远远的那一方, 充满明亮的光茫, 是我们心底最深的期愿。


The Heart Points To The Future - Vermillion Bird - Illuminate

Illuminated, resplendent,
wings extended in dance.
reflecting the south,
shining across the land.

心之所向,明日所在 - 朱雀!辉


Item No.:


Size (L×W×H):

15*6.7*15.2 cm


Crystal Glass


Pate de Verre

Limited Edition:

3800 Pieces Worldwide

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