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LIULI Crystal Art Mythical Dragon, True Believer, Uplift


The Collection: Year of the Dragon 

Design Concept:

The dragon's head is prominently centered, looking defiantly across the heavens and the earth. Its claws stretch outward, embracing the eight directions. In terms of composition, the viewer's gaze is drawn to the dragon's expression, allowing them to feel mentally and visually the dragon's transcendent energy and confidence in nature. Employing traditional Tang scroll patterns (a prevalent curling pattern during the Tang Dynasty), the design is smooth, rich, and luxurious. The wind, clouds, and dragon intertwine, rolling and unfolding, creating a harmonious balance between the tangible and the intangible. Its infinite repetition and continuity symbolize the unending spirit of growth.

"Uplift" is the largest piece in the Dragon Year series. Utilizing the lost-wax casting (Pâte de verre) technique in glass, this artwork is faithfully recreated in the glass medium. The piece's color progresses from the bottom up, transitioning from transparency to amber, intensifying as it ascends, capturing a dragon's essence that is both modern and mystical. The dragon's head, body, and tail flow seamlessly in the sculpture, and the intricacy of the openwork and connecting sections showcases immense craftsmanship. Hundreds of dragon scales, gradually diminishing in size, align perfectly with the curvature and force points of the dragon's body, underscoring the majestic and far-reaching aura of the dragon.

In the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese zodiac, as a blessing for the descendants of Chinese imperial ancestor, we define it as the color yellow, specifically the amber color of the LIULI. Yellow is situated at the center of the Five Elements and is considered the color of "harmony," symbolizing the color of the earth. In ancient times, there was a saying, "Yellow generates yin and yang," elevating yellow as the primary color above all others, representing the central color.


龙首正中,傲视天地,龙爪向外伸展,运握八方;构图上,视线集中于龙的神态,让观者在心理与视觉上感受龙在大自然里,凌越一切能量与信心。运用传统纹饰的唐草纹(唐代盛行的卷纹),造型圆润富贵,与风与云与龙,盘绕舒卷,虚实相生,而它的无限重复与连续表达了生生不息的生长之气。 《隆升》是龙年系列作品中体量最大的一件;运用琉璃脱蜡铸造的技法,将此作品得以以琉璃的材质重现,作品的颜色由下至上,由透明渐渐转至琥珀至中而上,由淡转浓,呈现既现代又神秘的龙的气质。龙首、龙身、龙尾在雕塑上一气呵成,镂空与连接处工艺难度极高;数百片龙鳞由大渐小,龙身发力点契合龙鳞弯曲弧度,彰显龙之恢宏致远之气度。而在生肖龙年,作为炎黄子孙的本命年护佑,我们定义它为黄色,也就是琉璃工房的琥珀色。黄色处于五行中央,乃「中和之色」,象征大地的颜色。古时有「黄生阴阳」的说法,把黄色奉为各色之主,是居中位的正统颜色。


From the depths of the heart,
an enduring call surges forth
with the omnipresent force of
wind, rain, thunder and lightning.

Head raised
with authority and might,
its presence
brings ruyi.




Item No.:


Size (L×W×H):

34.8*21.5*43.4 cm


Crystal Glass


Pate de Verre

Limited Edition:

58 pieces (Worldwide)

* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

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