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LIULI Crystal Buddha, Guanyin, Accompanied By Ease gift set


Blog Post: The Power of Meditation: Be Calm and at Ease | LIULI LIVING [ A Happy Excursion ] - 2014 Germany iF Design Award
The Collection: Guan Yin  |  Buddha Sculptures & Figurines


Design Concept:

The White Robed Guanyin is a classic Han Buddhist image of the compassionate and gentle feminine portal of Guanyin. With a high knot hair adorned with a small Buddha and a baihao marking on the forehead, Guanyin sits upright with a placid expression, wearing an intricately sculpted draped robe and an yingluo across its chest. The white color of the robe symbolizes boundless virtue and a pure heart turned toward Buddhism. The White Robed Guanyin is widely revered for its power to ward off disaster, protect the home, and encourage fertility, among other powers.

*The white base and incense stand featured in the display are for aesthetic purposes only and will not be included as part of the art pieces.

Accompanied By Ease

May the world’s sounds be heard with prayer,
may it come from the heart,
manifesting as situations arise.
Perceive ease
in this sentient world
fulfilled, unhindered.



Item No.:


Size (L×W×H):

6*5*10.5 cm


Crystal Glass


Pate de Verre


The wooden box with incense set is available in limited quantities while stocks last.

* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

Exquisite LIULI Gift Bags

Packaging Award by Germany's iF Design Award

Every art pieces comes with the gift-ready packaging including gift box & bag, product's description card, greeting card, and authentic certificate*.

* Authentic certificate only comes with most art pieces at the valued of $500 and more, which include the signature of the artist, product detail, and the edition number (if applied).

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