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LIULI Foo Dog, Chinese Guardian Lion, Crystal Sculpture, Embroidered Lion Dance


Design Description:

The paired guardian lions are accompanied by a ruyi scepter, their presence echoing the harmony between aspiration and fulfillment. Their embroidered balls, suspended in serene gaze or upward contemplation, evoke a sense of celestial balance. The leaping guardian lion, embodying vigor and yang, contrasts elegantly with its counterpart, the poised guardian lioness representing earth and yin. Together, they form a dance of duality, a harmonious interplay of forces. Adorned with ribbons and a suspended embroidered orb, the piece captures the essence of collaborative creation and a luminous future. The symbolism of the guardian lions, distinguished by the Tai Chi motif, reflects the timeless Eastern philosophy of cosmic balance and perpetual renewal. The complete form of the ruyi scepter, akin to an open window to destiny, bridges past, present, and future, offering a glimpse into a realm of boundless auspiciousness. And within the delicate intricacies of the embroidered orb lies a narrative of transformation, a journey from craftsmanship to clarity, each detail crafted with meticulous precision and reverence.

The embroidered ball in the middle can also rotate, symbolizing the turning of fortune. There's a folk saying, "When lions roll the embroidered ball, good things come afterward," considering both lions and embroidered balls as auspicious symbols. In this artwork, the embroidered ball hangs from a bowtie, while both lions gaze at it, symbolizing the concept of auspicious offerings and guarding wealth. From points to lines, from lines to three-dimensional round carvings, after twelve meticulous wax casting processes, it ultimately becomes clear and transparent.

双狮配一如意,借(狮)与(事)谐音,隐喻心想事成,万事如意。 双狮锦球,或凝视或仰望,两两相对,左狮威勐一跃,出将天地,右狮顺势而起,入相千年。 舞彩带,一颗绣球中心悬挂,光影流转, 协力共创,锦绣前景。 这件作品的雌雄,是通过「太极」的造型,来做区分的;左边的狮子向上跃,象徵「天」和「阳」,是雄狮;右边狮子朝下,象徵「地」和「阴」,是雌狮;藉由太极阴阳双生的概念组合而成,表现的是「太极生两仪,两仪生四象」生生不息的东方哲学理念。圆满的如意造型,似扇镂空的窗,串连起过去、现在、未来,一方锦绣好彩的吉祥世界。中间绣球也同样能转动,寓意时来运转。


Embroidered Lion Dance

Left is the auspicious lion,
Right is the euphoric lion,
Joining the splendidly embroidered heavens,
The lucky lions bestow treasures.
Side by side, exuberantly
Dancing together in harmony.



Item No.:


Size (L×W×H):

24.5*11.5*17 cm


Crystal Glass

Limited Edition:

690 (Wordwide)


Pate de Verre

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