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LIULI Foo Dog, Chinese Guardian Lion, Rousing Heaven and Earth to Good Deeds


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Design Description:

The two guardian lion dancers interact with each other and gaze into each other's eyes, symbolizing the vibrant dance of guardian lions welcoming auspiciousness. The traditional imagery of the elder and younger guardian lions playing with a ball symbolizes cooperation and mutual success, conveying the concept of "harmony, sharing glory." The majestic guardian lion features a broad mouth, prominent nose, round eyes, and a curly mane, exuding a gentle and joyful demeanor amidst its strength. Through dynamic composition, the sculpture depicts the guardian lions striding forward with uplifted heads and turning bodies, showcasing powerful forelegs and steady hind legs, sharp claws, and flowing tails, exuding artistic charm. In the details of the sculpture, the guardian lion's thick eyebrows and curly mane, round eyes, and robust nostrils, as well as its mouth holding the ribbon, all display dignity, while the younger guardian lion playing in the ribbon adds liveliness and agility. The exquisite craftsmanship endows the entire piece with a sense of floating and rotation, making it unique in style. The circular composition represents the continuity of cooperation and endless possibilities, while symmetry emphasizes equality and harmony. The use of interconnected circles, intersecting arcs, or other symmetrical designs highlights the harmonious balance of cooperation. The highlight is the rotating axis, enabling continuous 360-degree movement. In design, stainless steel shafts are paired with glass embroidered balls, ensuring perfect alignment of the center of the artwork.

Below the main guardian lions is a linked, hollowed-out gourd-shaped motif, resembling the number "8," symbolizing the elder and younger guardian lions stepping on "fu" (prosperity) and leaping upward, signifying prosperity and fortune. The cultural significance of the gourd in China can be traced back to the "Book of Songs" and "Analects," where it is endowed with auspicious connotations. When mature, the gourd spreads many fruits and contains numerous seeds, thus homophonically symbolizing "fortune and prosperity," implying "fortune and prosperity for generations to come." In cultural contemplation, the amber-colored spinning ball symbolizes inclusiveness of the world, illuminating the connection between the artwork and the viewer with eternal Chinese sentiments. The artwork, "Inspiring Good Fortune," integrates traditional culture with contemporary glass aesthetics, shaping a totemic and timeless image of guardian lion dance. It is said that wherever the guardian lion of fortune goes, it represents prosperity for the family, bringing good luck year after year.

两只太狮以彩带互动幷相互凝视,寓意彩狮舞动迎吉祥,太狮和少狮嬉戏绣球的传统图,呈现合作与双赢的美好意象,传递「和谐与共,共享荣耀」的理念。瑞狮的面容阔口鼻隆,圆眼卷鬃,在威勐中蕴含着温和欢愉的神态。在动态的构图中,以极爲细腻的雕塑表逹狮子昂首挺胸、转身而动的姿态,前腿壮而力劲,后腿曲且稳健,爪尖利,尾飘逸,独具艺术形象魅力 。雕塑细节上,狮子的浓眉和卷鬃、圆睁的双目、丰厚的鼻翼,以及咬住彩带的嘴巴都展现出威严,而少狮则在彩带中玩耍,增添了活泼灵动。细腻与极致的工艺爲整件作品赋予飘浮感和旋转感,别具风格。环形构图代表合作的持续性和无限可能,对称则强调平等与和谐。使用相互连结的圆形、交互的弧綫或其它对称性设计,强调合作的和谐与平衡。亮点是转轴,360度连续运动,设计上采取不绣钢轴匹配琉璃锦球,只有重心中心一致。

双狮主体的下方是连环、镂空的葫芦造型,又似数字「8 」,取意「太狮少狮」踩上「福禄」 往上跃,富贵直发。葫芦在中国的文化渊源可上溯《诗经》、《论语》,人们从朴实的象徵主义赋予葫芦吉祥内涵。葫芦成熟时,蔓延多果,内藏多籽,故取谐音「福禄」,寓意「福禄万代,子孙兴旺」。 在文化思考上,中间转动的琥珀色绣球,象徵四海的包容,以永续的华人情感点亮作品与观者的连接。作品《鼓舞天地好事连》 ,融合传统文化与当代琉璃美学,塑造出一种图腾式、永恒经典的狮舞形象。据说福狮到谁家,就代表了门族兴旺、岁岁年年吉运开泰。

Rousing Heaven and Earth to Good Deeds

The jubilant lion
Leaps ever higher, level by level,
Joy upon joy.
The hopeful spring breeze wafts from all sides;
Rouse Heaven and Earth to perform good deeds.



Item No.:


Size (L×W×H):

15*25*29.5 cm


Crystal Glass

Limited Edition:

280 (Wordwide)


Pate de Verre

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