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Crystal Pea, Decor, Beauty Within


The Collection: ENRICH

Design Concept:

The pea plant, being often overlooked in their abundance, comes to life here with luminous colors in a glasswork rendition of the vegetable.  “Beauty Within” harbors pearls.  As a part of the Enrich collection paying homage to the cultural roots of loving one’s land and earth, the art piece invokes a sense of appreciation for the little pieces of life that can be found within.  Here, one is reminded that what is often simple and unnoticeable may hold the riches that gives one life.


  • Detachable colored pearls. 

Design Concept:

  • Arched like a boat, harboring treasure. Movable and dynamic, this sculpture reverberates with springtime vitality. It also summons and engenders a positive state of mind.
  • This clever design features tiny peas nestled in hollows; each colorful sphere is an accumulation of energy. The piece as a whole resembles a boat, replete with treasure and amusement.
  • This design expresses a dynamic vitality - move the elements to bring joy.
  • The inspiration for this piece is the idea that this land sustains all. Each pea contains a stable and innate force, happiness and boundless delight. Hold these beautiful pearls close and find an ordinary life transformed into beauty.


    Beauty Within

    Prized pearls lie within
    this intrinsic beauty.

    These are
    spheres of wisdom,
    spheres of love.




    Item No.:


    Size (L×W×H):

    19*10.5*12 cm


    Crystal Glass


    Pate de Verre

    Limited Edition:

    2,500 pieces (Worldwide)

    * Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

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