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Crystal Pineapple, Kitchen Decor, Flying High


The Collection: Enrich, Nature Figurines & Sculptures

Design Concept:

This lifelike pineapple design of the LIULI Enrich collection pays homage to the richness of fertile land and the blessings that come with it.  In “Flying High,” jagged leaves shoot upward in an ambitious attempt to stand bold.  Chinese tradition has always associated pineapples with great luck.  Because of its bold appearance and delectable fruit, the pineapple is an irreplaceable part of agriculture that represents both robustness and fruitfulness.

  • From top to bottom the pineapple is splendid and robust. It matures gradually and thoughtfully, a reflection of the wisdom of this land.
  • Sharp green leaves point forcefully upward; peel back the tough armour to reveal a sweet and supple interior. The design is lifelike, in praise of life. Leaves - layered and upward reaching, each liuli frond carefully sculpted, the highest point representing the zenith of life. Fruit - in layers with the bottom half in high polish, conveying the simplicity that comes with age and maturity.
  • Many Chinese equate the pineapple with luck. As a classic fruit of fortune, place this design within the home to encourage strength of character and luck in life and business.
  • The pineapple symbolizes a person of upright and determined character, a person who advances with courage in both love and business. The black pineapple is a symbol of love.


  • 一颗凤梨,从下到上,褪去繁华,从上到下,步步坚强,形体之外,获得富有逐步成熟的哲思,显现大地生命的智慧
  • 碧叶如尖峰,强健地向上,褪去甲胄般的外壳,内在仍旧柔软。以写实的色彩,礼赞一个生命。叶,层层叠叠地向上,以琉璃雕塑叶叶分明,长到最高处,是生命意志的一种卓然。果实,层层褪去,下半部以平滑的抛光,诠释生命越成熟,越坦诚平淡
  • 凤梨,在中国很多地区,有的寓意。作为传统吉祥果,收藏摆放在家中,期望意志永远高昂,人生事业旺上旺。
  • 凤梨,又有凤梨的别称,“黑凤梨”是喜欢你的意思,用以表达爱意,最为合适。愿挺拔坚硬的凤梨,为爱与事业披荆斩棘,勇敢前进,旺桃花、旺事业。

Flying High

Green fronds, sharp as swords,
Grow upward, sky-bound.

Golden skin, tough like armor,
ambition unbridled.

Within this resilient form
is a heart, gentle and sweet
and an elevated consciousness -
determined, fearless and brave.





Item No.:


Size (L×W×H):

5.3*5.3*15.5 cm


Crystal Glass


Pate de Verre

Limited Edition:

4,800 pieces (Worldwide)

* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

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