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Crystal Mythical Creature, Qilin, Sun Dance


The Collection: An Auspicious Look for a Beautiful World

Design Concept:

A smooth layering of colors seeps into the artwork here from its focal point—the qilin. The mythical animal has been believed by the Chinese to be the amalgamation of all the divine creatures’ most notable traits. Qualities such as strength, humility, wisdom, and righteousness are all represented in this heavenly balance of characters. This age-old narrative has been reinterpreted over the ages in many art forms and stories, but the prevailing theme conveys the same lesson of righteousness and cosmic balance to be emulated. Here, in “Sun Dance,” the mythical qilin prevails over the heavenly bodies—sun and moon, radiating joy over the world.


古人将麒麟视作仁兽,认为麒麟出没处,必有祥瑞。《礼记·礼运第九》:“麟、凤、龟、龙,谓之四灵”,这种传说中的瑞兽,是按东方的思维方式复合构思所创造的动物,麋身,牛尾,马蹄,鱼鳞,是将那些备受人们珍爱的动物所具备的优点,全部集中在麒麟这一幻想中的神兽的建构上,充分体现了「集美」思想。麒麟也用来比喻才能杰出、德才兼备的人。   在造型上,定格了麒麟冲出的姿态充满动感。盘踞的球体,象征大而圆的太阳,这是宇宙最巨大的发光体,播撒蓬勃力量,而球体的通透,亦体现琉璃光的独特,让麒麟傲视乾坤的体态,更显千年瑞兽的尊贵威仪。  色彩从麒麟缓缓透进球体、层层递进,琉纹丝丝晕染,体现一种和谐而又饱含热情能量的美丽。  

Sun Dance

It moves heaven and earth with its prowess
yet never disturbs grass nor insect.
Benevolence and kindness uphold righteousness
and proclaim the broadness of humanity and everlasting goodness.



Item No.:


Size (L×W×H):

10.4*4.5*10.6 cm


Crystal Glass


Pate de Verre

* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

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