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Crystal Buddha, Thousand Arms Guanyin, Only With Compassion-Thousand Goddess of Mercy


The Collection: Buddha Sculptures & Figurines  |  Thousand Arms Guanyin

Design Concept:

Sculpted with intensive care here is the Guanyin of a thousand arms and eyes.  It is the lifetime achievement and continuing commitment of Loretta H. Yang.  It is her dedication to millions of people around the world.  The bodhisattva is the only one of its kind—a crystal rendition of a classic Dunhuang grotto mural hidden along the Silk Road.  For Yang, the driving force of LIULI studio can be compared to the infinite wisdom and magnanimity of Guanyin.  She epitomizes compassion and kindness, reaching with her many hands into the hearts of those in need.  Like her, Yang aspires to do the same with art.  In the studio’s thirty-some-year history, this work has entered dozens of museums, temples, and private collections worldwide.

1996年,杨惠姗与张毅踏上了敦煌荒漠,亲眼所见敦煌石窟中渐渐剥落的元代千手千眼观音壁画,带给他们一种单纯而巨大的悸动:望着壁画逐渐因自然风化而消失,于是杨惠姗,许下今生大愿──以琉璃材质立体重现第三窟元代千手千眼壁画,将此千年累积的慈悲与智慧永远流传下去。 千手千眼观音系以琉璃浮雕形式表现,从美术上来说,以单面浮雕形式表现千手观音乃是全新尝试,雕塑佈局除仍须保持与原壁画的比例外,琉璃厚薄的掌握形成了空间层次分明的美感,更有将千手千眼观音从敦煌莫高第三窟壁画上跃然而出的意象,《唯有慈悲》作品以强调绝对完美的比例呈现,和繁复精确的细节讲究,在雕塑技术上是相当大的挑战。观音身后为经文《千手千眼无碍大悲心陀罗尼》又简称《大悲咒》,环形琉璃背光为单独制作,以透亮设计形式呈现「光」的概念,象徵千手观音的智慧慈悲大力量,光耀人间。透过佛像,让生命的不安或焦虑,能在佛像无尽的慈悲抚照之下,找到心情的出口。 今生大愿歷时至第25年,这项行为艺术创作仍在持续进行中。从彩塑造像至全琉璃造像,「今生大愿」的最终,杨惠姗希望烧制出一尊高450公分高的琉璃千手千眼观音像,将第三窟壁画立体重现的决心,逐步实践,永不休止。

Only With Compassion
(Thousand Arms Guanyin)

With a thousand illuminated eyes,
She observes the suffering of the world;
With a thousand liberating arms,
She measures the mire of the world;
Inquire into a vast fulfilled wisdom,
Emerge with compassion.

唯有慈悲 (千手觀音)


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32.3*15*41.5 cm


Crystal Glass


Pate de Verre

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* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

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