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Crystal Wine Goblet, Bordeaux Glass, Flower Moon Duo (Set of 2)


 The Collection: Wine Glasses, Wine Goblet

Design Concept:

A tulip-shaped glass, slimmer than the Burgundy with a smaller mouth - this is the standard shape of a typical red or white wine glass. It is the ideal shape to contain the aroma of a fine Bordeaux. A smaller glass means less interaction with air which means a longer lasting aroma. The stem and base are made with crystal glass (in the brand’s signature pate-de-verre method) and joined with the tulip-shaped bowl (blown glass). The traditional design of the glass allows ample room for the wine to breathe while channeling powerful scents toward the nose. Perfect for full-bodied and rich red Bordeaux wines.

传承工艺与一贯的高品质,推出一系列更适宜日常使用的酒杯作品。 酒杯的造型,精巧新奇,纹饰细密华丽。杯脚採用战国时期的龙纹饰结合菊花图腾。龙是华夏文明的标志,代表着护佑,正气,永续的活力与最隆重的吉祥祝福。菊则指代为君子,拥有仁、义、礼的高尚情结。二者的结合,是恩威并重的象徵,是一种祥瑞平和的极致表现,同样表达了最诚挚的敬意。


Flower Moon Duo (Red/White Wine Glass, Bordeaux Glass)

A luminous moon, fulfillment;
A mirrored likeness,
Flickering with grace;
The reflection of a flower
Intoxicates the moon just as it does you and me.

花月对 - 红/白葡萄酒酒杯


Item No.:


Size (L×W×H):

7.6*7.6*21.8 cm


Crystal Glass


Pate de Verre


Glassware, Wine Goblet, Bordeaux Glass, Red/White Wine Glass


Come in a set of 2 wine glasses

* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly. 

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