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Crystal Wine Goblet, Champagne Flute - Flower Moon Duo


The signature shape of a champagne flute is slender and tulip-shaped. The tall and narrow bowl is conducive to observing the rise of bubbles from bottom to top; the shape also retains carbonation and captures the flavor. Although the modern trend leans toward the use of champagne, this glass can be used for any sparkling wine. The shape leads itself to elegance and romance.



Flower Moon Duo (Champagne Flute)
A luminous moon, fulfillment;
A mirrored likeness,
Flickering with grace;
The reflection of a flower
Intoxicates the moon just as it does you and me.

Design Ref. No.: VTG070.ATX
Size: 7.00 x 7.00 x 23.50 cm
Material: Crystal Glass
Function: Glassware, Wine Goblet, Champagne Glass, Wedding Toasting Champagne Glass

花月对 - 香槟杯

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